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Copy of Facebook Ads

Here is what you will Learn inside the Course:

✔️ Module 1 – Course Overview
✔️ Module 2 – Introduction of ads
✔️ Module 3 – Introduction of Facebook
✔️ Module 4 – Facebook Profile, Page, Group Creation & Customization
✔️ Module 5 – Facebook Page Monetization T&C and Criteria
✔️ Module 6 – How to add Bio in Instagram & switch personal to Business Profile
✔️ Module 7 – Facebook Ads Policies
✔️ Module 8 – Ad Account Structure
✔️ Module 9 – Business Manager Account Creation & Optimization
✔️ Module 10 – Best Structure to Follow Business Manager Account
✔️ Module 11 – How to select Different Campaign and Objective 
✔️ Module 12 – Types of Audience Temperature
✔️ Module 13 – Proper way to start Campaign
✔️Module 14 – Proper way to Location Targeting (Include/Exclude)
✔️ Module 15 – How to Target Languages and Connections
✔️ Module 16 – Demographic Targeting
✔️ Module 17 – Interest Targeting
✔️ Module 18 – Behavior Targeting
✔️ Module 19 – Ad Level Targeting
✔️ Module 20 – How to select Multiple Placements
✔️ Module 21 – Proper way to create Carousel Ad
✔️ Module 22 – Proper way to Create Collection Ad ( you can create video with more than 15 creative)
✔️ Module 23 – Proper way to create BRAND AWARENESS CAMPAIGN
✔️ Module 24 – Proper way to create MESSAGE CAMPAIGN
✔️ Module 25 – Proper way to create APP INSTALL CAMPAIGN
✔️ Module 26 – Proper way to create VIDEO VIEWS CAMPAIGN
✔️ Module 27 – Proper way to create TRAFFIC GENERATION CAMPAIGN
✔️ Module 28 – Proper way to create LEAD GENERATION CAMPAIGN
✔️ Module 30 – Proper way to create CONVERSION CAMPAIGN
✔️ Module 31 – Proper way to create STORE TRAFFIC CAMPAIGN
✔️ Module 32 – Ad Copy Writing Concept One
✔️ Module 33 – Ad Copy Writing Concept Two
✔️ Module 34 – Ad Copy Writing Concept Three
✔️ Module 35 – Ad Creative Designing Tools (5 Tools Explained)
✔️ Module 36 – Pixel Code setup and Conversion Coe setup
✔️ Module 37 – Facebook Ad Strategy for winning result
✔️ Module 38 – How to check Audience Insights
✔️ Module 39 – Custom Audience with Website/page/video/App Concept One
✔️ Module 40 – Custom Audience with Website/page/video/App Concept Two
✔️ Module 41 – Remarketing with Pixel Code
✔️ Module 42 – Remarketing with Customer data (Email list/Phone Number)
✔️ Module 43 – Scaling Facebook Ads (CBO)
✔️ Module 44 – Scaling Facebook Ads (Ad set & Ad Level)
✔️ Module 45 – Custom Column Dashboard
✔️ Module 46 – True Optimization (Reports)
✔️ Module 47 – Automated Rules( If Cost per Result Will be Hight Campaign will be paused)
✔️ Module 48 – Facebook analytics (You can Check Customer details)
✔️ Module 49 – Introduction of Messenger Marketing
✔️ Module 50 – Tools for Messenger Marketing
✔️ Module 51 – Messenger Marketing Sequence Concept One
✔️ Module 52 – Messenger Marketing Sequence Concept Two
✔️ Module 53 – How to Handle Negative Comments on Your Ad
✔️ Module 54 – How Price of Your service
✔️ Module 55 – Facebook Ads Checklist
✔️ Module 56 – How to Approach with Client and make money with freelancing
✔️ Module 57 – Case Studies
✔️ Module 58 – Final Words



Today's Price (96% Discount OFFER)

ONLY NPR. 888/-

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Q: Is it a recorded course or a live course?

A: It’s a recorded course which will be given to you in a LMS. On signup, you will receive username and password using which you can watch all the modules in one go.


Q: Will You get lifetime access to the Videos?

A: Yes you will get access to the Videos for 1 Year, you can watch at any time you like.


Q: How will You get support for your Questions?

A: We have a dedicated Facebook group for students, where you can ask as many questions as you like.


Q: How will You benefit from the Course?

A: There are enormous benefits of the course but here are the ones that are predominant:


[+] Student: You will learn a new skill and getting a job in Media Buying is huge. It’s also considered as one of the highest-paying jobs.

[+] Working Professionals: Promotion, Promotion, Promotion; ever wanted to get a better salary hike and handle revenue-generating channels for your organization? Facebook Ads Course is for you.

[+] Business Owners: More Customers; that’s the #1 thing it will do for you. This course will help you to find ways to reach out to the right audience with the right message which in turn is going to give you more customers.

[+] Entrepreneurs: The best way to test market your idea in a budget-friendly manner is via Facebook Ads. It gives you initial validation and not just that. Facebook Ads help you to scale your business faster and efficiently.


Q: Can You download the videos?

A: The Videos are shared in the member’s area, you cannot download them however you can watch it anytime you want – any number of times you want. All you need is a Mobile/Laptop and an Internet connection.


Q: Got more questions?

A: Please write to us at sakdigitaluniversity@gmail.com and we will take care of your queries.



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